What we do

Founded in 2007, Merlin is the global digital rights agency for the world’s independent label sector.

Merlin represents by far the most commercially significant set of rights outside of the three major labels

Our 800+ members represent tens of thousands of labels from 63 countries and release music by the world’s most innovative and important artists.

Our remit is to add value to the global digital marketplace by ensuring that independents have a vehicle to enhance their ability to compete in the ever-changing world of digital music as well as to protect the value of their rights. 

For digital services, Merlin offers significant efficiencies: allowing the opportunity to globally license - via a single deal, instead of hundreds of individual local deals –the world’s most important and commercially successful independent music labels.

To date, Merlin has licensed all leading new generation digital music services - helping to ensure that independent music is appropriately represented and valued in the digital market.

Merlin is owned and controlled by a not-for-profit foundation, supervised by a member-elected board representing the wider independent label community, ensuring that members receive the benefit of Merlin’s activities at the lowest possible cost. 

Reflecting Merlin’s global scope, this board consists of 15 members - five each from North America, Europe and Rest of the World.

 Merlin is 100% transparent with our members regarding deal terms.

Once operating costs are covered, all benefits accrued from our commercial agreements are shared equitably amongst our members. Every Merlin member is provided with full details of each licence we sign - informing and empowering their business decisions in the digital marketplace.

Merlin has offices in London, New York and Tokyo, with a head office in Amsterdam.