We operate in a rapidly changing global market which gets more complex every day. Merlin makes the process much easier for us. They understand what we need collectively and select the services that suit and shape the deals that work for the independents. Knowing Merlin is doing a great job for indies and the market overall enables us to focus on signing great talent and develop smart marketing ideas to drive our business forward.
Merlin benefits Naxos significantly in its ability to aggregate both content and exper-tise. Merlin members have a much-needed licensing solution to offer to services who may not respect the value of our content, artists or copyrights. Merlin simply makes our lives easier by aptly representing us as part of a single offering of a larger group of independent labels.
Merlin gives Because Music (and indie labels) the opportunity to benefit from sev-erals digital deals and financial conditions we won’t be able to achieve on our own.”
To me Merlin is one of the true successes and results of the hard work to create better market access for indie labels and it has quickly become an absolute neces-sity for my label. Through Merlin and its dedicated staff we have been able to achieve what individual indie labels would not have a chance to accomplish themselves as effectively. It brings us better/superior access to services and Merlin is a strong constructive force in shaping the digital landscape and ensuring that in-die labels gets more of an even playing field.
As the music business becomes more and more consolidated and the three major labels extract more and more negotiation power in their dealings with the Digital Service Providers, it is important that the independent labels who choose not to be distributed or aggregated by the major label distribution companies have a way to access the market effectively. Independents should be able to choose their distri-bution freely and have access to market competitive rates from those DSPs, whether they go through an aggregator or look to do business directly. Merlin pro-vides an alternative to major label distribution, at a fair administration fee, by creat-ing an efficient licensing option through the representation of its growing membership in making competitive deals with digital outlets.
Quite simply, Merlin provides the negotiating expertise to ensure that the Mush-room Group and its artists receive competitive contractual terms for the use of our copyrights via the many and ever evolving digital services on offer throughout the world. Without Merlin, we would find it difficult to compete with the major record companies on the terms they offer to their artists and thus they would have a very unfair advantage over us and the other independent labels around the world, and that, would be to the great detriment of independent artist and in turn, fans of quality music.
The one-stop shop that Merlin provides improves contracts for our company. Moreover, they constantly strive to educate our employees on best practices and opportunities. The indie label community has been bettered by Merlin.
Merlin has become an invaluable resource and partner for our digital business globally. Merlin’s single licensing option enables independent label owners to com-pete effectively in the digital market with the major labels. Merlin is also a first port of call for many new services which means that Merlin members are able to engage with these services before they launch. Merlin’s transparency and dedication on behalf of its members makes it an excellent fit with Kobalt’s core principles.
Redeye's relationship with Merlin has proven to be an invaluable asset. Merlin has captured the spirit and initiative of the independent community in its overall ethos and enabled a fiercely independent company like Redeye to achieve higher goals. Merlin gives us great comfort in knowing we are not alone in our efforts to fight for the valuable rights of our label and artist partners.