Nando Luaces

Founder – Altafonte Spain


I was born in La Ría de Vigo, Galicia, on the Spanish Atlantic coast. My family was very passionate about music, we were always listening to the radio and dancing, we had a wooden record player and a lot of vinyl ranging from classical to popular artists of the time.

I studied music theory, classical guitar as well as jazz, at the Vigo Conservatory of Music, however I wasn’t a great musician. I felt much more attracted to bashing a guitar in a punk band and living the rock & roll lifestyle, today I still have my Telecaster Deluxe from 1967. One of my high school teachers went to live in Brazil and began sending me vinyl records. I quickly became fascinated with the style of music and, I’m not sure how, I started selling Brazilian records to my friends. A short time after, I contacted an established independent German distributor and we started to distribute alternative artists and amazing record labels throughout Spain.

I moved to Madrid in 1992 at the age of 24 and created the company BOA. We started distributing the most rebellious and controversial artists, outside of the standard commercial music market, working with counterculture and daring projects in all styles of music. In 1994 we began working with Spanish hip-hop; organizing festivals, releasing records by big artists, and step by step, after a few years BOA became the most important Spanish speaking hip-hop label of its time.

We started to work with our first digital business model from the outset. With all of our experience and knowledge of the sector, and the reinforcement of a great professional team, we created the company ALTAFONTE in 2011. From the beginning, the development of our own technology has always been one of our objectives. I have learned what programming is and how it works, fundamental coding architecture, and I have discovered a new technological world; one of the biggest surprises being that it is tremendously creative.

I think that being dyslexic has helped me have a unique vision and to understand that creative expression never ends and it evolves with change; we have to adapt and advance with the times because nothing is ever permanent: for me this is very inspiring.

I identify myself with Altafonte’s 4 fundamental values: Live and feel artistic CREATIVITY; comprehend TECHNOLOGY and innovate; be outstanding and responsible with BUSINESS and act with TRANSPERENCY and proper ethics at all times.

When I travel around the world I like to visit record stores, attend live concerts and discover new music. I also like meeting interesting people, drinking nice wine and eating vegan meals.

I won’t stop learning, or surprising myself and I will always maintain my INDEPENDENT spirit.