Michel Lambot

Co-President – PIAS Belgium


Michel Lambot’s career is inseparable from [PIAS] (Play it Again Sam) as the co- founder. Created in 1983 in a Brussels cellar by Kenny Gates and Michel Lambot, with a derisory amount of capital, [PIAS] has become a leader of the European independent record industry.

[PIAS] started out through the distribution of independent labels, then extended its activities to production through the creation of its own label in 1984. In 1990, [PIAS] set up offices in Hilversum, Holland, then followed by the UK (now the top distributor of alternative music).

[PIAS] offices were set up in London in 1989, Amsterdam in 1991, Paris in 1994, Hamburg in 1995, in Madrid in 2000 and lately in New York.

[PIAS] is now the biggest independent distribution company and a real A&R force in Europe with the addition of Coop, integrated in 2012 and its recent successes of its own signings (Texas, Editors, Agnes Obel…).

[PIAS] is also a driving force in the digital market that it has embraced since the start of the new millennium. In 2015, [PIAS] has just acquired one of the most respected and oldest classical music distribution and record companies : Harmonia Mundi.

Michel Lambot is currently a board member of Impala and Merlin.