Masahiro “Jack” Oishi

CEO – Danger Crue Japan


1980 Graduated from Osaka Electronics College, Visual Engineering course

1981 Established Danger Crue

1985 Established Danger Crue Records

2000 Became Established Director of Japan Rights Clearance (now NexTone)

2003 Became a board member of FMPJ (Foundation of Music Producers Japan)

2007 Became Chairman of FMPJ

2007 Became a board member of PROMIC (Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture)

2007 Became an advisor of CPRA (Center for Performers’ Rights Administration)

2008 Became an advisor of aRma (audiovisual Rights management association)

2009 Became Managing Director of SYNC MUSIC JAPAN committee

2014 Became a special advisor of National Strategy Zone Contents Innovation Program

2015 Became an Advisory Board Member of Governmental Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform

2015 Became a special advisor of FMPJ