Katie Alberts

SVP of Operations – Reach Records USA

Board Member
North America

A young executive at just 28 years old, Katie started her journey as an intern, rising quickly to manage and adapt to the digital landscape. Throughout the years, she has grown to oversee high level marketing campaigns for releases, content strategy, and advertising strategies for two time Grammy-award winning artist Lecrae and 8 other hip hop artists, which have led to millions of records sold. These marketing efforts benefitted the gold record, "Anomaly," and recently RIAA certified gold singles, "You Can’t Stop Me,” "I’ll Find You,” “Blessings,” and “All I Need Is You.”

The majority of her career being focused on the digital market and adjusting to the streaming movement, Katie stepped into a role as an executive overseeing digital endeavors for the label. Katie managed the direct relationships with DSPs, working on projects resulting in a #1 single on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 for 4 days. Inspired by the changing landscape, Katie led the initiative to bring all Reach distribution in house in early 2018, in which Merlin played a critical part. As a consequence of her concentrated efforts on DSPs, Reach Records is now independently distributing its content, achieving sustained success in the new music-industry landscape, and resulting in a significant yearly increase in earnings for the label. Because of Merlin’s key role in creating a truly indie distribution model, she’s passionate about making sure that artists and labels know of the opportunities offered by Merlin.

Now, as SVP of Operations, Katie oversees financial strategy, distribution, sync, digital marketing, and all operational functions of the label. She’s passionate about independent artists and labels and advocating for women in leadership within the music industry.