Dave Hansen

SVP of Business Development – Epitaph USA

Merlin Chairman

Dave Hansen has spent his entire 30-year career working in the independent music business. He is the SVP of Business Development at Epitaph and ANTI- and was previously the GM for Epitaph for the past 21 years. Here he ran the day-to-day operations, including overseeing marketing, sales, and distribution for one of the leading independent labels in the world. Dave is also part of the current Merlin Management board and has been part of this team for the past 6 years. He has also served as an A2IM board member for 2 separate terms that just ended this past July. Prior to Epitaph, Dave was the managing partner of Insomnia records. Insomnia records was the mail order service and one of the first Online stores for over 100 independent labels in the early 1990’s distributing over 1 Million catalogs annually. In the 80’s, Dave was the General Manager and partner at Doctor Dream records. Most recently, Dave Hansen is the founding partner of Independent Record Pressing, a vinyl pressing plant located in New Jersey making records exclusively for independent labels.