Chan Kim

Founder & CEO – Fluxus South Korea

Board Member

Formerly a sound engineer and bassist, Chan Kim is the founder and CEO of FLUXUS INC., a label and distribution company, with Fluxus Music and Bainil inc, as its subsidiary. Fluxus Music is one of the most innovative, artist-centric labels in the Korean music scene and was voted by industry peers as ‘Record Label of the Year’ at the Korean Music Awards. Fluxus Music and its artists have earned 12 Korean Music Awards in a wide range of categories.

Chan Kim is also one of the founders of the Record Label Industry Association of Korea (LIAK), the leading indie label trade association in Korea. He was the Chairman for six years and remains as a board advisor. The members of LIAK all produce music and manage their own artists, as well as, organize the biggest music festivals in Korea. He is also a board member of the Korean Music Content Association (KMCA), which is TA for international and domestic majors in Korea, and a former commissioner of the Korean Copyright Commission (KCC). He became a board member of Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) from 2016.